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Sax Man Dan did what no other company owner could say

.”I entertained at my own Bar Mitzvah” – Dan Rachmelowitz

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One of my first paid jobs was a bat mitzvah in Elberon NJ, the keyboard player’s mother drove us. We knew the songs but were not old enough to drive when we were only 15 years old.

Our Company’s Mission:

Our company’s has two goals.

1. Kids and adults should have the best times of their lives.

2. All bar/bat mitzvah kids should feel proud to have us entertain and of their accomplishments & Jewish heritage.

We have patience with children, teenagers, adults & Seniors. We know how to push their buttons and keep them happy. Many exciting games and activities will be delivered. Unlike most companies, we consider every child a winner in all of our games. Top current hits and motivation dancers will encourage kids to get up on the floor and have fun. While we respect the volume tolerance of adults we enjoy encouraging them to get up and dance to re-live those special times. When searching for a entertainment company please look no further. Our company provides many specialized hard to get services including bands, DJs, motivation dancers, ball room dancers, belly dancers, celebrity impersonators, karioke, giant screen projections, spectacular light shows on a cranked truss, 18′ sub woofers, party favors, plasma TV’s, games and more. Sax Man Dan did what no other company owner did. “I entertained at my own bar mitzvah” – Dan Rachmelowitz


How much will it cost?

Bar Mitzvahs start at $4,000. and up. It includes video mixing, hi end lighting, two dancers and the ever so important right DJ who will play Israeli, sephardic, yiddish, klezmer, American oldies through todays current American hits. Ugrades for an additional fee can be found here. Our staff & equipment will offer you the most fun possible!

Does it matter if the entertainment company is Jewish?

Yes, in choosing me it does. Other Jews may not know what a bar / bat mitzvah really means to the boy, girl his/her family, God and Israel when he or she is bar or bat mitzvah’d. My Bar Mitzvah meant something big to me and my family. In part it symbolized a chance to live in freedom as Jews here in America. I have noticed that the Jews although a small group, have won more noble prizes than any other large group in the world. Going with the Jewish flow, is a good thing, so go for the “Rachmelowitz” production. “Rachmelowitz” has kept thousands of people satisfied, has a great show but needs more Jewish support. We practice what we preach: Please click away and buy Israeli Jewish products shop till you drop The bar – bat mitzvah means a job to a gentile, my meaning goes beyond it. The bar/bat mitzvah is a personal source of pride for all Jews including myself. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs act as a vehical for us go back in time and visit our amazing history from the first Jew Abraham in 1741 BCE and lead us foward in 2006 and beyond. Not only have we done top notch productions at various bar/bat mitvahs last year in 2006 but we made everyone proud. We are the most cultured and will mix American oldies through todays hits, ashkanazic & sephardic music that nobody else will duplicate.

Did you know?
The Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremony in the Jewish faith, is a celebration of a thirteen-year-old boy or girl becoming a man or woman. Bar mitzvah is the Hebrew phrase meaning “son of the commandment” and bat mitzvah means “daughter of the commandment.” Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah means that a boy or girl has become an adult, and is fully responsible for his, or her morals and religious duties. It also means that he, or she has become a full-fledged member of the Jewish community, and must follow the rules of Jewish life — the commandments. This is one of the most memorable events in the life of a special young person and their family. Because of the significance of this type of event, you do not want to place your faith in just any disc jockey entertainer.
Sax Man Dan Entertainment takes a lot of considerations in conducting a celebration as important as a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. We know that such an event requires hours of planning and preparation for each hour of performance time. Dan Rachmelowitz will be only too happy to work with you to help achieve the ultimate experience for that special young person in your life.
Our Bat/Bar Mitzvahs are customized to suit every client. Format can vary from each Mitzvah but usually include

Cocktail Hour

Grand Introductions and entrance

The Hora

Candle lighting

Hamotzi and Kiddish


High energy games

Dance music dances/Props

Interactive dances contests and prize give aways

Grand final dance


Bread, has a unique Berachah, shared with no other food. The Berachah for bread is “Baruch Atah Hashem…Homotzi Lechem Min Ha’aretz, “Blessed are You Hashem, who brings forth bread from the earth.” For this purpose, bread is defined as food which is derived from one of the five species of grain (wheat, barley, spelt, oats and rye), which is then milled into flour, mixed with water, kneaded into dough and baked in an oven. The uniqueness of bread is not merely that it is a universally accepted staple food, but that it held a special place in the Temple sacrifices.

Candle lighting blessing and ceremony

One candle is added to the menorah for each person. Candles should be added from right to left. During a Bar and Bat Mitzvah a candle lighting ceremony takes place where 13 candles are lit on the dancefloor or by the stage to act as the blessing and in honor of chosen significant guests and family members. You will be able to dedicate a small snippet of a song or theme for the invited friend or relative when they join you at the candle lighting.

How does Sax Man Dan Entertainment do it?

Without giving away secrets we will make the bar/ bat mitzvah boy/girl feel proud to be a Jew. There will be an impressive selection of Jewish artists & current Israeli music played. Most DJ’s sadly only spin the same two Jewish songs; Hava Nagila and Simon Tov which are nice songs but there are a lot more. Did you know that there is also hip hop and rock music played in Hebrew? We will of course DJ the top 2006 American Hip Hop and club hits, Meringue, oldies and other fun styles.

How will you make sure the kids have a great time ? We will treat the children with respect and make sure they have a great time by talking and showing them steps and games without screaming the entire time. We will have our dancers escort the bar/bat mitzvah child to light the candles on the cake. We will play fun games that may include, treasure hunt, freeze, groups, simon says, electric slide, cha cha slide, hot potato, musical chairs, mummy contest bubble wrap games, dance contests and mitzvah trivia. Everyone is always a winner. Our team of 6 dancers will have the kids and adults up and dancing. Our dancers will give out party favors and have a theme song played each favor. We can put children’s photos right on a T-Shirt, mug, magazine with celebrities, on candy boxes, movie posters and more at the bar/bat mitzvah. There are lots of things we can do. Please make sure you purchase Bar/ Bat Mitzvah party favors. Check out the bar mitzvah cholcate candy wrappers. mitzvahs.jpg (156139 bytes), personalized gifts and banners.

Mitzvah packages

A team of 6 dancers for $2,400., includes costume changes.

We will find out what you like and want as well as your budget and personally figure out the best package for you.

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